Molecular considerations for development of phage antibody libraries

Nowadays,phage display libraries are used as robust tools for discovery and evolution of peptide/protein based drugs as well as targeting molecules,in particular monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and its fragments (i.e.,scFvs,Fabs,or bivalent F(ab′)2).Phage display technology,as a molecular diversity approach,enables selection of antibody fragments (e.g.,scFv/Fab) with high affinity,specificity and effector functions against various targets.However,such selection process itself is largely dependent upon various molecular factors such as methods for construction of phage library,phage/phagemid vectors,helper phage,host cells and biopanning processes.The current review article provides important molecular considerations for successful development of phage antibody libraries that may be used as a platform for translation of antibody fragments into viable diagnostic/therapeutic reagents.© 2012 Informa UK,Ltd.

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