Sexual function and exercise in post menopausal women residing in Chalous and Nowshahr,northern Iran

Background: The sexual function of menopausal women is influenced by several factors.Objectives: We aimed to investigate the association between exercise and sexual function among postmenopausal women residing in Northern Iran.Patients and Methods: Using a multistage,randomized sampling method,405 postmenopausal women,aged 40 to 65 years,were recruited to participate in this population-based,cross-sectional study.The female sexual function index (FSFI) questionnaire and a researcher-designed questionnaire were completed by every subject.Results: Overall,61% of the women reported having experienced sexual dysfunction,and 53.6% reported that they had not performed any kind of exercise within the last 6 months;among those who did exercise,the most common form was walking (79.8%).The FSFI total scores (P = 0.013),as well as the scores in the lubrication (P = 0.007) and pain (P < 0.001) domains,were significantly lower for the women who performed exercises other than walking compared to those who only walked or who did not exercise at all.The frequency of weekly exercise had a positive correlation with the scores in the lubrication (r = 0.18,P = 0.014) and orgasm (r = 0.146,P = 0.045) domains.The logistic regression analysis demonstrated that the chances of reduced sexual desire were decreased by 80.2% (P = 0.044) with every unit increase in the frequency of weekly exercise.Conclusions: More frequent exercise will improve the sexual function of post-menopausal women.© 2016,Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal.

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