Integration of inland and coastal storms for flood hazard assessment using a distributed hydrologic model

Due to increasing flood severities and frequencies,studies on coastal vulnerability assessment are of increasing concern.Evaluation of flood inundation depth and extent is the first issue in flood vulnerability analysis.This study has proposed a practical framework for reliable coastal floodplain delineation considering both inland and coastal flooding.New York City (NYC) has been considered as the case study because of its vulnerability to storm surge-induced hazards.For floodplain delineation,a distributed hydrologic model is used.In the proposed method,the severities of combined inland and coastal floods for different recurrence intervals are determined.Through analyzing past storms in the study region,a referenced (base) configuration of rainfall and storm surge is selected to be used for defining flood scenarios with different return periods.The inundated areas are determined under different flooding scenarios.The inundation maps of 2012 superstorm Sandy in NYC is simulated and compared with the FEMA revised maps which shows a close agreement.This methodology could be of significant value to the planners and engineers working on the preparedness of coastal urban communities against storms by providing a platform for updating inundation maps as new events are observed and new information becomes available.© 2017,Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

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