Seismic vulnerability assessment of confined masonry buildings based on ESDOF

The effects of past earthquakes have demonstrated the seismic vulnerability of confined masonry structures (CMSs) to earthquakes.The results of experimental analysis indicate that damage to these structures depends on lateral displacement applied to the walls.Seismic evaluation lacks an analytical approach because of the complexity of the behavior of this type of structure;an empirical approach is often used for this purpose.Seismic assessment and risk analysis of CMSs,especially in area have a large number of such buildings is difficult and could be riddled with error.The present study used analytical and numerical models to develop a simplified nonlinear displacement-based approach for seismic assessment of a CMS.The methodology is based on the concept of ESDOF and displacement demand and is compared with displacement capacity at the characteristic period of vibration according to performance level.Displacement demand was identified using the nonlinear displacement spectrum for a specified limit state.This approach is based on a macro model and nonlinear incremental dynamic analysis of a 3D prototype structure taking into account uncertainty of the mechanical properties and results in a simple,precise method for seismic assessment of a CMS.To validate the approach,a case study was considered in the form of an analytical fragility curve which was then compared with the precise method.© 2017.Techno-Press,Ltd.All right reserved.

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