Decision support system to find a skid trail network for extracting marked trees

Careful planning of skid trails as wood extraction routes in forests is an ongoing task and necessary for minimizing the environmental damage.The main objective of this study is to find skid trails to extract marked trees from stand sites to landing sites using a GIS-based decision support system (DSS) and network analysis techniques,where environmental information is incorporated into the objective.The techniques were applied in a stand where single trees are felled in near-to-nature conditions.This system is called a single tree selection cutting method.Parameters considered for mapping the terrain stability include slope,soil and stream network.The analytical hierarchy process was used to estimate the weights of these parameters.Routing between marked trees and log landing was done using a GPS-tracking survey and then the analysis was done using new route and service area tools in GIS.The service area tool shows accessibility of marked trees by skid trails.Results showed that on average the length of the route decreased by 6.65 and 19.22% with the use of a new route tool in compartments 29 and 4,respectively.In conclusion,DSS techniques increased accessibility of marked trees and decreased the length of the route.

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