Uterocutaneous fistula following conservative management of placenta increta: A rare case report and review of the literature

Introduction: This was a report of uterocutaneous fistula as a rare complication of expectant management of placenta increta,and a review of the literature.Case Presentation: A 38-year-old pregnant woman in her third term of pregnancy was operated on in a secondary hospital in Arak (a city located in the center of Iran) in April 2015.As a result of placenta incereta,the attached placenta was left in the uterus.On the 38th day,she was referred to our tertiary care hospital due to intermittent fever and bleeding.More examinations by MRI and hystrosalpingography revealed uterocutaneous fistula.She was operated on again,and surgical findings indicated coexistent uterine necrosis and uterocutaneous fistula.Conclusions: This case was the first reported morbidity of fistula in the uterocutaneous pathway.© 2017,Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal.

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